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The TURNTILLBURN has been developed to exercise the finger flexor muscles. It is highly special and effective for this task. Concerning rock climbing it is very successful to improve strength and muscle mass of the finger flexor muscles. However it does not exercise the muscles of the shoulder girdle, the trunk and the lower extremities. These muscles are also very important to perform rock climbing. The TURNTILLBURN can therefore not substitute bouldering and indoor climbing. It can not substitute the training of the finger muscles with different shapes of grips. It is very important for rock climbers that they do a lot of bouldering holding a great variety of grips including one or two finger pockets, slope grips and the very often used crimp grip finger position at different angels. Only this way the soft tissue will be prepared for the loads which occur during rock climbing.

The TURNTILLBURN is made for those who want to use a limited time for exercise optimally and also for the performance rock climber as an additional an alternative method of training.