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Endurance Training

The aim of the endurance training is to improve the aerobic capacity of the muscles. The energy consumption is much lower when glucose is burned by the aerobic pathway than by the simple glycolysis. If the muscles have a high aerobic capacity they are able to do much more work with the same energy expenditure. The endurance training increases the amount of the mitochondries which are responsible for the aerobic breakdown of glucose.

The aerobic capacity or endurance strength is improved, as a role of exercise, when the same movement which is intentioned to improve, is exercised. Concerning endurance strength the rolling in and out movement at the TURNTILLBURN has to be done at high amount of repetitions with low or middle exercise intensity. The combined dynamic excentric - concentric exercise is very effective to achieve this goal.

Exercise plan for dynamically excentric and concentric training for endurance strength,
rolling in and out movement under load in succession, 1 to 2 seconds per every single movement

units 1 - 3 / week
series 3 - 5 / unit, recreation 2 - 8 minutes between the series
repetitions 30-100 /series, load as high that muscles get completely tired

The name TURNTILLBURN is exactly related to this kind of training. After 100 repetitions with low or middle intensity your finger flexors will burn like never before. In order to vary this training modality it is possible to change the exercise intensity during one series. For instance the 20 first repetitions are done with high load, the next 10 repetitions with low load, the next 20 reps with middle load, the next 10 with high load an so on. There are a lot of other different possibilities of course. This exercise pattern is similar to the so called pyramid training.

Endurance strength can be exercised also using the static training method. This method would probably be the most similar pattern of movement which occurs during rock climbing. 

Exercise plan for static (isometric) training for endurance strength,
simple hanging without any movement

units 1 - 3 / week
series 3 - 5 / unit, recreation 2 - 8 minutes between the series
repetitions 10 - 30 / series, one repetition represents hanging at the TURNTILLBURN without movement for 10 - 20 seconds, load high enough to get completely tired after the 10 - 20 seconds, recreation between repetitions 10 seconds, vary joint position

Endurance training should be varied. Combinations of dynamic and static training seems to be very efficient. There are a lot of possibilities and every athlete has to adapt the amount and kind of exercise to his requirements.