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Periodization of Training

The periodization of training is the succession of different phases of training. The aim of the periodization is to prevent stagnation of improvement of strength and to prevent overuse injuries. It is a very effective method to achieve the maximum performance for a given time like competitions or climbing holidays. Periodization is splitted in so called macrocycles which represent each one year of training, mesocycles which represent the succsession of hypertrophy, maximum strength and endurance training and microcycles which represent one week of training. Microcycles can further be divides in training units which represent one training on a given day. The plan of the training can so be adjusted to a given date at which a high performance is intended. The date then is placed at the end of a mesocycle. The duration of the peak performance unfortunately is only of 1 to 2 weeks duration until it decreases again. Thereafter it is important to make a rest or recreation phase to give the tissue the possibility to regenerate. It is very important also to have enough resting days during a microycle. At least 2 days in a week should be reserved as resting days. Less training of good quality is often more effective than more training of poor quality.