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Exercise with the TURNTILLBURN in Detail

Systematic planning of the exercise for strength with the TURNTILLBURN is described in the following sections. At this time there are still controversial meanings about exercise planning and exercise modalities existing even when they are proved scientifically. This exercise plan described here consists of a hypertrophy training, maximum strength training, endurance training and last but not least resting phase in a row. The exercise plan gives an overview of the training possibilities with the TURNTILLBURN. Every athlete and trainer has to adjust and to adapt his training plan in order to gain the optimum exercise intensity for his requirements.

The following described exercises are always related to a rolling in and out movement at the TURNTILLBURN against ones body weight or a part of it. The training intensity can easily be adjusted while the feet are positioned to a chair or to the floor to take the appropriate part of the body weight. In case that the whole body weight should not be sufficient, a back pack filled with additional weight can be worn. There is even the possibility to exercise with only one hand to increase the load further. Every single finger or combinations of two fingers have to be exercised by their own to gain enough flexibility between the single muscles of the finger flexors. This will further increase strength and will prevent injuries during rock climbing.

It is mentioned here again that is very important to exercise only with an appropriate upholstery underneath the TURNTILLBURN. When muscles get tired you may risk to roll out and fall down quickly. The bare floor is very hard and a fractured sacrum is very painful over months.

It is very important to perform an appropriate warm up before every training session. A jogging of 10 to 15 minutes time will be sufficient to start your circulation. The fingers can be warmed up easily by rolling in and out at the TURNTILLBURN 50 times by a low intensity.