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Exercise with the TURNTILLBURN

There are different ways by which the finger flexor muscles can be exercised. The principle of training is always a rolling in and out movement at the TURNTILLBURN against one's body weight or a part of it. Depending on the load which is applied by the body weight or additional load, a different exercise intensity is achieved. Therefore muscle hypertrophy, maximum strength or endurance power can be trained. Further more it is possible to exercise in a excentric, concentric, combined excentric and concentric or even static manner.

There is the possibility to exercise only one but also two or three fingers simultaneously. The training with one isolated finger is of utmost importance. There has been shown that in a highly trained muscles every single finger has to be exercised alone in order to increase the maximum strength of the finger flexors. Besides that training of a single finger prevents injuries which can occur during the hold of one finger pocket. TURNTILLBURN allows exceptionally well exercise with only one finger because there is no friction force between the finger and the contact area. The load applied to the finger has to be hold completely by the muscles otherwise TURNTILLBURN gives way by rolling out. This mechanism decreases the load to the soft tissue components of the finger like skin, ligaments and capsules. Therefore it is possible to exercise at high intensity while the soft tissue is stressed minimally. It is recommended to exercise with the TURNTILLBURN at lower intensity during rehabilitation. A controlled amount of stress stimulates the tissue to heal and to become stronger.

As a further variant the TURNTILLBURN can be grasped in a supinated position of the wrist. That means that the back of the hand is turned out of ones sight. We prefer to exercise in a so called pronated position of the wrist where one can see the back of the wrist. Because this position is much more similar to the position during rock climbing, the muscles required for this sport are exercised more efficiently.

Last but not least the TURNTILLBURN can be used as a simple chin-up bar. But you will be astonished how simple chin-ups can be that difficult. Besides that, all exercises with the TURNTILLBURN can be done while the elbow and shoulder joints are in different degrees of flexion. However we recommend to exercise with completely extended shoulder- and elbow joints. That way the athlete is able to concentrate better to the exercises of the finger muscles. As a result the exercise intensity becomes more efficient.

The most important advantage of the TURNTILLBURN however is that it is possible to exercise statically and dynamically excentric and concentric over the whole range of motion of the finger flexor muscles while the load can be adjusted on every single movement by the own body weight. TURNTILLBURN thus is able to exercise your finger flexor muscles very efficiently. Originally it was developed for rock climbers but it can be used for every other sports discipline where strong finger flexors are important like windsurfing, tennis, golf, water ski, apparatus gymnastics and even body builders.